Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to 'Surviving your ECT years'

    • Where are you in your learning at the moment?

  • 2


    • Introduction

  • 3

    Utilising your environment

    • The classroom environment

    • Utilising TA's / Technicians

  • 4

    Your D&T knowledge

    • D&T subject knowledge

    • Knowing the curriculum

    • Developing your subject knowledge

    • Health and safety

  • 5

    Planning to teach D&T

    • What do I need to consider when planning?

    • Learning journeys

    • School curriculum

    • Developing D&T in your school

  • 6

    Recording and Evidencing D&T

    • How can I capture and evidence students' work?

    • Assessing D&T

  • 7

    Managing the demands of your ECT years

    • Look after yourself!

    • Useful resources

  • 8

    The next stage...

    • Where D&T was, and what it's going to be (?!)

  • 9


    • Next Steps

    • Where is your learning now?


Kat Brace

Kat is currently a primary school teacher and D&T Subject Lead at St Marks CE Primary School, Southampton. She has been a teacher for four years. As part of this role, Kat has assisted with re-designing the school’s design and technology curriculum, delivered CPD to staff and monitored the implementation and progress of children’s learning within D&T. Prior to this, she worked at a SEMH secondary school where she worked as both a TA and unqualified teacher delivering food technology.