Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to (Re)Introducing D&T to your primary curriculum.

    • Where are you in your learning at the moment?

  • 2

    What is Design and Technology?

  • 3

    Understanding the National Curriculum

    • What is creativity?

    • The National Curriculum Programmes of Study for design and technology (England)

    • Aims of the curriculum

    • National Curriculum Check

    • Breaking down the National Curriculum

  • 4

    Where are we currently?

    • Coded Progression Framework

    • Audit of your current provision

    • Questions to ask / Next steps

    • What is relevant for your school?

  • 5

    Recommended Requirements

    • Recommendations for effective D&T in primary school

  • 6

    How do you fit it all in?!

    • Different options

    • Long-term plan

    • Not just 'Technical Knowledge'

    • 'Projects on a Page'

  • 7

    What makes a good D&T unit?

    • Which of these units sounds like an opportunity for good D&T?

    • Evaluate your units

  • 8

    It's not just about making!

    • IEA's, FT's and DMEA's

  • 9

    Ensuring Progression

    • How to ensure progression when revisiting units

    • Your long-term plan

  • 10


    • Next Steps

    • Where is your learning now?


Director of education

Ryan Ball

Ryan has been a D&T teacher for 17 years, teaching in the U.K., Middle East and Malaysia. He has taught students from age 7 to 18, with his students winning awards for the highest marks in the country and world. He has presented at various educational conferences in Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Madrid. He is an Ofqual consultant, F1 in Schools' In-country coordinator and world finalist, D&T author, Autodesk trainer, content writer and school governor. He is Director of Education for the D&T Association.