Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to 'How to implement Structures in the primary D&T curriculum'

    • Where are you in your learning at the moment?

  • 2

    Introduction to teaching Structures in Design and Technology

    • What are structures?

    • What do I need to teach?

  • 3

    The key principles in teaching structures

    • Key principles

    • Forces

    • Exploring different structures

  • 4

    Teaching structures

    • Teaching structures

    • EYFS

    • Key stage 1

    • Key stage 2

    • Suspension bridges

    • Investigating bridge designs

    • Engineering simulations

    • Tensile structures

    • Bridges

    • Shelters

  • 5

    Next steps

    • Design and make challenges

    • Additional support

  • 6


    • Next Steps

    • Where is your learning now?


Leanne Mee

Leanne is Managing Director of 'The STEM Workshop', which she founded in 2018 to have a wider impact on school engagement across the STEM subjects and to provide support in raising children's aspirations. Having become increasingly frustrated with the demise of design and technology at the time in many schools locally, particularly in primary schools Leanne decided to work independently to support schools in developing their provision. Leanne works with various schools, training centres and organisations on a regular basis, she also supports schools nationwide through offering training and consultancy to support in developing their Design and Technology provision to ensure that is relevant and engaging. All of the work she has done is on the back of a very successful career as a teacher and leader holding various roles including, head of design and technology, STEM Coordinator and assistant head teacher.